Roblox is an online and social multiplayer game, in which users can create their own worlds using building pieces of different sizes and materials, keep reading all you need to know on this full roblox guide similar to how it is done in other games like Minecraft, and share their creations with other players, inviting them to play and participate in the created worlds.

Roblox has thousands of games , and modes where you can do anything you imagine from creating new worlds , new Roblox music roblox id also roblox is famous for it’s in-game currency called robux , players can get free robux using some online sites like oprewards.

And it is not for less, its gameplay is very entertaining, it has thousands of rooms available so you can spend long hours playing and living unique and unforgettable experiences. Best of all, it is available for various platforms and totally free.

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As you will see, one of the particular characteristics of this game is that it has a great variety of alternate minigames with different themes, whether adventure, action, didactic, role-playing, fighting, simulators and more. The difficulty arises when it comes to finding the ideal room for your adventures.

Therefore, this time we will help you find the best games on Roblox and play them like a pro. Join us!
What should I do to find games on Roblox?

Before starting Roblox it is necessary to create a free account and then download it, both for PC, Xbox One and mobile phones. Once you complete this procedure, it is time to find the best valued and profitable games on the platform.

To do this, follow the steps shown below:

Log in to the official Roblox page.
Click where it says "Games", located in the top menu of the main screen.
It will open a new window where you can see a large number of games or rooms available.

How to play them?

After finding a game on Roblox comes the most exciting part, “learning to play them.” But do not worry! Since starting to play as a professional is very easy.

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Each video game fulfills a different activity, some include a tutorial to get an idea of what to do inside the room and what the objective will be. Others indicate the commands to you as you go.

However, the most used commands on PC are the following:
Move the avatar

 W: go forward.
 A: go left.
 D: go right.
 S: go backwards.
 Shift: run.
 Space: jump.
 Mouse: move the camera and shoot.

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